Ljubljana in 2.5 minutes

Thank God we were able to book beds the last minute for our unplanned overnight stay in Ljubljana. Originally we were supposed to go here only as a stop over from Zagreb, Croatia.

We arrived in Ljubjana from Helsinki on Monday (20 October 2014). It was already late when we reached the hostel, so we decided to retire for the night and just wake up early the next day. We only had a few hours to spare in this city and had to leave by 11 am for Bled, Slovenia.

Ljubljana is quaint. We loved it. After our unplanned and expensive stay in Helsinki, Ljubljana was indeed a breather for our pockets. Food was cheap. To compare, sandwich in Helsinki cost us 5.60 euros, while in Ljubljana, I had a bottled drink and sandwich for 1.60 and it tasted so good!

For the few hours we had, we were able to make a quick do-it-yourself tour of the Old Town and was also able to hike up Ljubljana castle–all without spending money on public transport because everything can be done on foot!

Here’s a video of the sights we visited in Ljubljana, shown in 2.5 minutes.


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